May 2, 2017 – Angela Driscoll, 38, sits in the living room of “The Chateau,” one of the properties owned by Leslie Moore who began Traction ten years ago by purchasing a carriage house in Savin Hill, MA. Moore began accumulating properties to provide assistance to those looking to get back on their feet after facing challenging situations. Driscoll became a member of a Traction household after living with her sister and her sister’s children became too difficult to manage. Driscoll says she finally has an opportunity to enjoy personal space. Although not all houses operate in the same way, Driscoll divides the income from being a home health aid into rent and suggested savings, and she hopes to soon be able to afford her own living situation. Photo by Brynne Quinlan
April 25, 2017 – Leslie Moore sits with visitors to “The Guest House,” a property in Cedar Falls, RI that she uses primarily to host others for “Traction Birthday’s” and get togethers. Moore became interested in expanding the Traction homes outside of Boston when she read about the financial issues that arose in Central Falls and the low cost of properties. She hopes to use the buildings she buys to build a community for the betterment of the city as well as provide housing for individuals who would have a difficult time securing apartments through normal means. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 25, 2017 – Kasheena Ross (left), who was described as “Traction Gold” by its founder Leslie Moore, laughs with her girlfriend Janelle Ruiz (right), Moore’s sister, as Ruiz prepares lunch for visitors to “The Guest House” a 3 story home in Central Falls, RI. The two now live in one of Moore’s other properties in Dorchester, Boston, MA. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 4, 2017 – Earle Harmon, who manages one of the Traction homes, listens as Audrey “Drew” Felix, 28, talks about the variety of circumstances including unstable living situations and a recent epilepsy diagnosis that prompted him to move into a Traction house in Dorchester, Boston, MA in March of 2016. Traction is a network of homes owned by Leslie Moore that aim to provide a relationship centered approach to helping people get back on track. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
May 1, 2017 – Audrey “Drew” Felix, 28, looks across the street at the house he lived in before he became homeless at the age of 14 in Roslindale, MA. For a period of time after that, he slept in an unlocked car in the vacant lot next door. Felix moved into a Traction home in Dorchester, MA in March of 2016. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
May 1, 2017 – Audrey “Drew” Felix, 28, walks along a back road in Roslindale, MA. “This was my walk, all day looking for something to do,” says Felix. He spent just under a year homeless at 14 after the death of his father in the same area until he was arrested for breaking and entering and soon entered foster care. Talking about how some people may consider his path less than extraordinary, he says he’s “come a real long way. They don’t know how far I’ve come.” Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 13, 2017 – Audrey “Drew” Felix, 28, goes through photographs of his daughter Lydia, 2, that he keeps in a cabinet along with Basketball whiteboards used to draw plays, his epilepsy medication, and various documents in Dorchester, MA. Felix, who studied Phycology and played basketball at both Salem State and Curry College, see’s himself going back to school for his masters and coaching in the future. “Primarily, I’m not trying to settle, I really do have plans,” he said, “having money for your kids…just making sure I’m stable enough to take care of my child. I know how difficult it was for me growing up and I wouldn’t want the same for my daughter.” Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 13, 2017 – Earle Harmon removes sheets and blankets from the dryer to prepare a bed for Jimmy, who is not a permanent resident of the Traction home but who has formed a friendship and often comes over for dinner. The homes, owned by Leslie Moore, function as a safe space and focus on relationships, faith, and self improvement. The goal, according to Leslie, is to create a network and community that can offer their resources to those in need. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 13, 2017 – Earle Harmon, who essentially manages the Traction home in Dorchester, MA, gives a confused look as Audrey “Drew” Felix pulls out more ingredients for the dinner they cook and share. Felix, the house’s “designated chef” cooks for the housemates most Saturday nights. “I’m from the West Indies, so I usually like chicken and rice but I love Italian food,” says Felix, “garlic and butter, use it in all my recipes.” Photo by Brynne Quinlan.
April 13, 2017 – Jimmy Watler (left) arm wrestles Earle Harmon (right) over a dinner of pasta and brussel sprouts cooked by Audrey “Drew” Felix. Jimmy isn’t an actual member of the household, though he often stays the night. Traction moving forward, according to Leslie Moore the founder, is more about the creation of a resource network and the promotion of family-like ties for those that need it than a structured program. Photo by Brynne Quinlan.

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