Bear Salon

The Boys-1
May 3, 2017- Linden Crumrine (right,) Thomas Edward Nelson IV (middle-right,) Zachery Hartwell (middle-left,) and Jack O’Brien (back-left,) talk among themselves before a show at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. They make up four of the five members of the septet rock band Bear Salon. All members of the band attend Berklee College of Music and are earning majors in music production and performance. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-2
May 3, 2017- Bear Salon performs for a crowd no larger than ten on a rainy Wednesday on April 19, 2017. Prior to the show, the band scrambled to return home to pick up two guitars they had forgotten to pack. Similarly, the band forgot to promote the event through social media before playing the show at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. On the ride home, Thomas comments, “The funny thing is,” he chuckled, unbothered by the turnout, “we’ve actually played shows for less people than that.” The band used the time amongst quality friends and professional audio technicians to prep for the two shows they plan to play later in the week. Photo by Danny Nieto.


The Boys-7
May 3, 2017 – Steve Muñoz, a friend of the band, sings along to Bear Salon’s music at an apartment show in Allston, MA. Similarly, Anthony Jordan, a fan since 2014, comments that being, “up and coming is part of all of it, the struggle, the infuriating aspects of not reaching the next level,” he adds,  “for fans, it can be infuriating; they are so talented and with a manager for social media etc. they can be at the next level.” Photo by Danny Nieto.


The Boys-3
May 3, 2017- Thomas Nelson IV lights a cigarette outside of Berklee College of Music in Boston. Cigarettes are often bummed between members of Bear Salon when they discuss the night’s performance. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-4
May 3, 2017- After loading Thomas Nelson’s station wagon with instruments and amps, Jack O’Brien, the six-foot-five guitarist for Bear Salon, takes a nap in the trunk of the car to make room for the rest of the band members. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-5
May 3, 2017- James Barry of Bear Salon performs at a basement show in Allston on April 22, 2017. Bear Salon is known for playing underground house shows and local bars around the Allston-area. Later that night, when scrolling through the set of photos, band member Zachery Hartwell states, “Oh that face?” he asks jokingly, “that’s the face James makes to us when he f*cks up.” On average, the band tries to play at least one show a week while balancing personal relationships, part-time jobs, and a full course load in college. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-6
May 3, 2017 – Bear Salon has solidified a small, but loyal fan base. At an apartment show in Allston, the band’s fans dance along to their music. The band says a lot of their music has been influenced by the Strokes and the Talking Heads. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-8
May 3, 2017 – After a weekend show in early April, Jack O’Brien and a few members of the band entertain guests at their apartment on Pratt Street in Allston, MA. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-10
Zachery Hartwell (left,) James Barry (middle,) and Jack O’Brien (right,) unwind after an apartment show in Allston, MA. The band originated four years ago and recounts coming up with their name. At first, they called themselves “Ghetto Bears,” they came up with the name when members of the band tripped acid together in the forest for a weekend. Photo by Danny Nieto.
The Boys-9
May 3, 2017 – Bassist Linden Crumrine and vocalist Jack O’Brien share a tender moment of friendship at their apartment before Linden goes to bed. However, with most members of the band expected to graduate from Berklee College of Music this year, Bear Salon is at a crossroads of potentially going in different directions, or moving together as a band to LA to develop their music. The band plans to release their first EP via Bandcamp by early this summer. As for now, the boys continue to share cigarettes, write new music, and navigate the Boston music scene in hopes of bigger and better venues. Only time will tell whether Bear Salon succeeds. When speaking with fans, they unanimously agree that the band should continue their efforts and remain resolute in the oftentimes challenging pursuit of their dreams.  Photo by Danny Nieto.

To learn more and listen to Bear Salon, connect with them through these channels:



Instagram: @bearsalonband


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