Thrills and Spills on Pleasure Bay


301A1038April 10, 2017 – Dan Frasson, known to his kite surfing friends as ‘Dan 10’ flashes his signature hang ten hand signal to onlookers watching from the Head Island Causeway as he soars high into the air above Pleasure Bay in South Boston. Of those enjoying warm temperatures and heavy winds Monday, Frasson stands out as the showman of the bunch. Photo by Sarah Silbiger

301A0921April 10, 2017 – Dan Spatola, of Stouten, Massachusetts, pumps up his kite he’ll later use to kite surf in and above water at Pleasure Bay in South Boston. “This is the hardest part of whole thing.” He remarks as he struggles to bring the air pockets to capacity. He goes on to explain there is a great misconception of how much strength the sport takes citing it that it only takes “5 pounds of force,” to steer. Photo by Sarah Silbiger

301A1122April 10, 2017 – Pat Clancy, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, braces himself for impact as he loses control kite surfing on Pleasure Bay in South Boston. Though there was a sufficient amount of wind to carry all those that wished to kite surf, many commented that thinner men like Clancy were able to catch significantly more air. Photo by Sarah Silbiger


April 10, 2017 – Adam Wayshack deliberately steers his kiteboard towards Kelsey Shea, left, and Victoria Woytowicz, to say hello while catching air as the two watch him kite surf around Pleasure Bay from their perch on Head Island Monday afternoon. Photo by Sarah Silbiger

IMG_9495April 10, 2017 – Natasha Evans helps carry her father Jeff’s kite surfing gear back to the car after a day of watching him soar above Pleasure Bay in South Boston. Natasha is one of many onlookers that spent the day watching the local daredevils from the Head Island Causeway, the long elevated path that encircles Pleasure Bay. Photo by Sarah Silbiger


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