Welcome Spring

April 10, 2017 – A direct marketing producer Alexandra Zimmermann, 28 (left), and her colleague Sarah Bernier, 28, were chatting, lying on a wooden deck in Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA. They usually take a one hour lunch break. “Today, it’s an hour and a half. Because of this warm breeze.” Photo by Hidefumi Nogami
April 10, 2017 – The buds seemed to swell in Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA. Pedestrians were walking without winter coats. Photo by Hidefumi Nogami
April 10, 2017 – David Sprague, wearing only short pants, sat on the bench and relaxed listening to the radio in Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA. “What am I doing? You kidding? Enjoying a beautiful day.” Photo by Hidefumi Nogami
April 10, 2017 – A gardener Cody Scott, 23, painted a planter which surface was peeled over the winter, Marlborough St, Boston, MA. He would replace flowers in the yard in a condominium building from a winter flower to Pansy. At the beginning of every four seasons, he changes flowers. “Spring has come.” Photo by Hidefumi Nogami
April 10, 2017 – A College student Katherine Farnnam, 19, wearing a T-shirt and short-pants, was catching a Frisbee in Boston Common, a central public park, Boston, MA. “I played yesterday, too.” Photo by Hidefumi Nogami

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