Snowstorm Stella

IMG_0039 copy
March 14, 2017 – Boston University freshman Mackenzie Knox and Grace Maddox, both 18, attempt to roll the second tier onto the base of their snowman in Boston Common during the height of snowstorm Stella Tuesday afternoon. The two were visibly unable to lift the snow causing a male passerby to offer assistance eventually leading to a successfully constructed snowman like the many others that dotted the Common. Photo by Sarah Silbiger
March 14, 2017 – A street sign for Winter Street in the Downtown Crossing district of Boston is seen dusted with snow as nor’easter Stella changes from snow to freezing rain Tuesday afternoon. With temperatures peaking at 73 degrees just two weeks ago Stella took many by storm inspiring a Snapchat filter that read, “Will winter ever end?” Photo by Sarah Silbiger
March 14, 2017 – Few braved snowstorm Stella to sled in Boston Common allowing for skiers to get in a few short runs Tuesday afternoon. A Boston University student shreds the fresh powder for a moment as he descends from the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument before tumbling over a hidden tree branch. Photo by Sarah Silbiger
March 14, 2017 – Members of C&W Services turn away from a heavy wind gust as they clear sidewalks along Essex Street in downtown Boston Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Sarah Silbiger
March 14, 2017 – Members of the Boston Fire Department respond to a call from Asian Garden restaurant located on Harrison Avenue in Chinatown Tuesday afternoon. Two trucks arrived on the scene, but were quickly dismissed after briefly checking the kitchen. Photo by Sarah Silbiger

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