March Snow

Mar 14, 2017– A passenger, right, holds an umbrella in the snow and is ready to run across the street in front of Kaju Tofu House in Allston, Tuesday afternoon after a winter storm struck the Greater Boston area with wind-whipped, frigid rain. Photo by Xinlei Chen.
Mar 14, 2017–Al, center, pushes a snow blower along the Harvard Ave. in Allston, Tuesday afternoon when the area was weathering a major winter storm. Photo by Xinlei Chen.
Mar 14, 2017– A Boston University engineering undergraduate, right, throws himself on the snowfield of BU Beach, with his gloves off on ground, after he raced and knocked down the snowman he and his friends made on Tuesday afternoon. That day BU closed the Charles River Campus because of a major March snow. Photo by Xinlei Chen.
Mar 14, 2017– Netan Pereira, employer of BU facilities, texts on his smartphone with his right glove off, hanging on the snowblower handlebar when he removes snow in the square in front of Marsh Chapel on Tuesday afternoon. Because a major March snow hit Greater Boston area and Netan have to work from the noon to the midnight. “It’s not bad. It’s not cold,” he said. Photo by Xinlei Chen.
Mar 14, 2017 – Rafaen Tiza, left, and Luise, right, employed by BU facilities, wears yellow rain coats and snow goggles and pushes the snow blowers to remove snow at St. Mary St., Boston, when a big March snow struck Greater Boston area with whipping wind on Tuesday. Rafaen said he has worked like this for 19 years. Photo by Xinlei Chen.

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