Snow days in Brookline

Feb. 9. 2017. Brookline, MA―Heavier bands of snow created whiteout conditions across the state, and at Coolidge Corner Station pedestrian put hands in his pockets, carried an umbrella, and hid her face with a coat. Green Line subway trains were largely on time, officials said. Photo by Hidefumi Nogami.
Feb. 10. 2017. Brookline, MA―In the morning after a heavy snowfall overnight, the snow on the trees was lit by the sun in Harrison Street. Two residents shoveled out in front of their houses. Photo by Hidefumi Nogami.
Feb. 10. 2017. Brookline, MA―Anna Gonzalo, 43 (left), her son Fernand, 10 (right), and two sisters shoveled the snow outside their house. Schools closed in Brookline again on Friday. Anna said “After finishing this job, my next job is taking children to a park”. Photo by Hidefumi Nogami.
Feb. 10. 2017. Brookline, MA―A worker used a snowblower to clear snow from a driveway in Kent Square. He said “The next work is requested by the owner of a corner house.” The woman in the neighbor who was on the walk of two dogs stopped, and said, “A fun show time for the dogs.” Photo by Hidefumi Nogami.
Feb.11.2017. Brookline, MA―Brothers played sled and laughed at the Amory Playground in Amory Street. Many kids enjoyed riding sleds down a hill on Saturday afternoon. Photo by Hidefumi Nogami.

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